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The number one problem with most skin care products is that they either don’t work as expected, or the results take far too long to accomplish. Many products offer treatments that are more preventative than corrective — and while long term prevention is important, we also want a product that makes us look younger, and hopefully sooner rather than later. There has been a lot of attention paid recently to a skincare product that works almost instantly to remove wrinkles — is the hype true? Rapid Lift FX has caught the attention of the media and skin care specialists alike. Its claim is that it works as an instant tightener, lifting sagging skin and virtually eliminating even the worst bags and wrinkles. But the most interesting thing about this unique product is that it also has long term benefits for skin, so that over time the skin becomes smoother, tighter, and younger looking with continued use.

How Does Rapid Lift FX Work?

Rapid Lift FX is what’s known as a “microserum.” Unlike a regular cream or serum, the molecules in a microserum are small enough to penetrate the dermatological layers to deliver their anti-aging benefits to each and every cell in the skin’s structure. Once applied, it creates a very thin film and within 5-10 minutes the product lifts and tightens any sagging or wrinkled skin. It works on all skin types, all ethnicities, and all ages. What’s the secret? Highly purified microalgae extract, which is 100% natural, with a high concentration of vitamins and skin-loving antioxidants. This super-ingredient is packed with minerals that offer astounding natural benefits.

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It’s been called the “future of skincare” by Time Magazine. Beauty enthusiasts take note, you may start to see this ingredient turning up in more and more skin products. However, not all algaes are created equal! The microalgae in the Rapid Lift FX formula has been painstakingly biotechnologically engineered to contain the highest concentration of nutrients. Balanced with polysaccharides, (which are chains of carbohydrate molecules responsible for toned and youthful skin) Rapid Lift FX has possibly perfected the scientific formula needed to repair aging skin.

Benefits of Microalgae in Skin Care:

  • Packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins absorbed through skin.
  • Antioxidant to repair effects of free radical damage.
  • Purifies and protects against environmental toxins.
  • Rejuvenating, anti-aging, allows users to appear years younger.
  • Firms and tightens skin.

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How Long Does The Effect Last?

One application of Rapid Lift FX will last up to 4 hours. You can reapply the product several times a day, if desired. A few minutes after application, skin is smoothed, tightened, and lifted, for what can be a shockingly improved appearance. The benefits are not just temporary — the formula also creates a protective barrier to shield skin against damage done by free radicals, the particles that cause premature aging. Rapid Lift FX stimulates the formation of collagen, which is the foundation of healthy, youthful skin structure. Younger skin has higher levels collagen, giving it that youthful plumpness. By encouraging the production of collagen, Rapid Lift FX re-creates the structure of younger-looking skin. Skin elasticity typically breaks down as skin ages, which ultimately leads to sagging and wrinkles. This is because skin produces less and less collagen over time. Correcting the problem of collagen loss can effectively take years off, and skin will increasingly look better with prolonged use of a collagen-stimulating product.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Rapid Lift FX

  1. Instant results within 5-10 minutes.
  2. Completely safe alternative to needles, Botox, and surgical face lifts.
  3. Trusted product with dermatological lab-tested formula.
  4. Paraben-free, cruelty-free formula.

How To Use Rapid Lift FX?

The company has provided a very helpful video on how to apply the product for best results. You can watch it here. Here is a quick guide to getting started using Rapid Lift FX. It’s really quite simple, and the basic rule is to not apply too much.

Step 1

Put a very small drop of product on your finger. Then, using the ring finger of your other hand, gently dab it onto the areas where you wish to remove wrinkles and bags. Areas you might wish to target are: under the eyes, the neck, around the mouth, the forehead.

Step 2

Blend it in lightly, but leave the product a little bit wet. The drying process is key — this is where the lifting and tightening happens.

Step 3

Wait 5 to 10 minutes for it to dry, and try to keep your facial muscles mostly still while it’s drying.

RapidLift FX Tips and Tricks

  • If you’ve applied too much product, you’ll see a white film on your skin — if this happens, wipe it off and start again. Practice makes perfect!
  • Rapid Lift FX can be used alone, or with makeup. You can apply Rapid Lift FX before or after you apply your makeup, which makes touch-ups a breeze.
  • It can be used on any line, crease, or wrinkle, including crow’s feet, under eye bags, lines around the mouth, and the décolletage.
  • We’re also happy to report that there are no parabens in the formula, and it is cruelty-free (never tested on animals).
  • Rapid Lift FX is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types.

Where To Buy RapidLift FX

If you’re eager to try Rapid Lift FX for yourself, please follow the links to purchase from the company’s webstore, or alternatively from Amazon or eBay. Rapid Lift FX is currently offering a free trial, which allows you to sample the product risk-free, to see how it works for you. If you’re anything like the staff in our review department, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s not every day that we get to review a product that has such impressive and instantaneous results! Be sure to come back and leave a comment below, to tell us about how it works for you! Save



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