March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. The non-profit group Action for Happiness coordinates the global campaign to recognize not just economic growth but also happiness as an important focus of progress. The campaign is supported by the member states of the United Nations who have individually adopted resolutions giving greater priority to the happiness of their people.

Be Happy and look younger

(Pixabay / jill111)

Even though we all pursue it in different ways, everyone wants to be happy. Happiness is an offshoot of a positive thought. Happiness affects not just our mental outlook but also our physical well-being. In a nutshell, we are often healthier when we are happier. For example, studies have shown a connection between being happy and having a lower risk for certain diseases.

People tend to make healthier decisions in life when they are happy. Good nutritional choices including reaching for healthy, whole foods rather than fat-laden processed ones. Happy people may also be more likely to shun detrimental behaviors, such as smoking or drinking excessive alcohol, because they already feel fulfilled in life.

When we radiate inner happiness, we shift the focus off of our little external imperfections. Our outside appearance can be buoyed up by the strength of our inner beauty. People are naturally drawn in by an infectious smile, bright eyes, and confident body language.

While some people may have a greater disposition toward positivity, happiness is possible for all of us. Try keeping a gratitude journal, expressing your appreciation to others, and carving out more time for the people you love. All of these things can help you find greater contentment in life and look more vibrant in the process.