Rapid Lift FX Instructions

Using Rapid Lift FX is easy! You can apply it to the under-eye area, to crow’s feet, and virtually any line or wrinkle that you wish to remove. It can even help with the sagging neck area and d├ęcolletage.

Quickstart guide to using Rapid Lift FX:

  1. Put a very small amount of the product on your fingertip. Use your ring finger from the other hand to pick up a little of the product at a time, and dab it onto your face. Blend it lightly to smooth it out, but leave it slightly wet on the skin. The drying process is where it begins to work its magic!
  2. Give it 5-10 minutes to fully dry, and keep your face as still as possible. If there’s a white residue after the time has elapsed, you have applied too much product. Just wipe it off and try again.
  3. You can wear Rapid Lift FX alone, or you can use it with make-up. You can even apply Rapid Lift FX on top of make-up, as a “mid-day” fix — it will still work just as well! The tightening results last around 4 hours.

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